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Epic Challenge

Foster a culture of leadership from within.

Bespoke online leadership development challenges exclusively for your business.

Over 1000 participants have taken part in the Epic Leadership Challenge since its launch in February 2022, with 96% organizational participants reporting the Challenge improved their knowledge as a leader.

The Epic Challenge allows your team members to engage in energizing and practical challenges to achieve clear goals in a gamified experience – because “we’re better at games than we are at real life” -Jane McGonigal.

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Empower and upskill your talent

The Epic Challenge will…

Nurture up-and-coming leaders in your teams

Provide new ways of thinking and getting ‘unstuck’

Champion diversity and tap into unique skills

Build resilience and emotional intelligence

Foster connection between hybrid/geographically dispersed teams

Create a common language and skillset around leadership in your organization

92% of Challenge participants walked away feeling more connected to their organization. 

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How is the Epic Challenge different?

It’s leadership learning in the palm of your hand! We’ve shaken up leadership development with a cutting edge app-based program that fits into the busy lives of your people.

Active and engaged learning delivers better outcomes

  • Daily lessons in leadership sent directly to learners via epic app
  • Gamified experience designed to tap into both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
  • Points systems to reward engagement and create healthy competition between staff
  • Created with hybrid and dispersed teams in mind.
  • 85% of employees show more engagement when gamification solutions are applied in their workplace training programmes

Organizational participants say the challenge has…


“I can confidently state that the epic challenge has had a positive impact on me in some way”


“I have experienced positive change as a direct result of applying learnings from the Challenge to my life”


“The epic challenge has made me feel more confident as a leader”


“The epic challenge has helped me to accomplish more personally and professionally”


“The epic challenge made me devote more time to my personal development than I would have otherwise”


“The epic challenge has helped me build new, beneficial habits”

How it works

Accessible, scalable and bespoke to your company

Flexible solutions that support personal energy management and embedded learning.

Programs tailored to your timeframes. Choose between 3, 6 or 12 month programs built around our best practice “readying, ready, reset” cycle.

A platform designed to accommodate large numbers and accessible learning for all levels of leaders within your company.

Pricing structures that provide a custom leadership development program without breaking the budget.

Support and exercises between Challenges to help reflect, prepare and embed key learnings.

Your own personal Epic community facilitated group to support connection and peer to peer learning.

Virtual meetups facilitated by Holly to connect and delve deeper into the learning.


  • Is the Epic Challenge only for leaders in my organization?


  • What will my team walk away with?


  • What’s the time investment?


  • What countries is this available in?


  • What are the package options?


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