Epic Challenge Unleash your Leadership Potential Team Pass

Unleash your Leadership Potential: Team Pass


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Through 15 years of building a business, studying leadership and holding countless interviews with luminaries like Barack Obama and Malcolm Gladwell (and writing a book about it!) Holly Ransom has learned…

We must learn how to lead ourselves before we can successfully lead others.

Developing a high performing mindset and leadership techniques for ourselves is a critical precursor to being able to effectively mobilise others to achieve a collective goal.

Sign up your team for our March challenge and empower your talent to do the inner work needed to drive real-world organisational change.

Over the course of the challenge, we’ll be focusing on… 

  • Deep introspection to cement our reason for showing up
  • Defining and aligning our personal drivers with our outside world
  • Building and maintaining relationships that fuel you
  • Creating and cementing beneficial habits
  • Setting and meeting meaningful goals

Bring in your team for a month of daily lessons where they’ll take advantage of our gamified, community platform. The challenge fosters a culture of vulnerability and gives your teams access to peer-to-peer learning, networking opportunities and facetime with Holly herself.

With our team pass, you’ll get five passes for the price of four for our March challenge. Your team will receive…

  • One month of daily challenges delivered straight to their phone through our unique community platform
  • A live feed of player submissions to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and provide a supportive community in the journey (including Holly herself!)
  • Exclusive sessions with Holly, including a full blown masterclass with a set program and key takeaways in your hand
  • A downloadable workbook to use alongside the month of challenges
  • Community connection sessions to meet fellow players and learn together
  • A private Linkedin Group so players can connect with each other outside the platform. 
  • A fun, gamified experience with points and prizes to help keep players motivated

Are you ready to empower your talent to stand up and be the leader you need them to be?

Let’s do this!

PS Did you know Holly wrote a book? Add The Leading Edge to your order for your team – simply email us at hello@emergent.global and we’ll take care of the rest!

PPS Have more than five people in your team? Book a discovery call with us today to chat through your organisational needs.