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Epic - Leadership Challenge

Epic Challenge

Want to see if it’s for you?

We’d love you to give one of our 15-minute challenges a try! Choose from:

1. Landing communication with DISC
2. Burnout and sphere of control
3. A culture of wellbeing
4. Productive conflict resolution

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Try before you buy

Choose a Challenge topic that speaks to your organizational needs. We’ll send you the exercise and you’ll get a feel for what we’re all about!”

Why does Epic work?

Best practice learning model that supports preparation, application & embedding

Designed with hybrid and remote teams in mind.

Underpinned by the psychology of experiential learning theory.

Gamified learning providing a more engaging and motivating learning experience, and supporting higher levels of learning productivity and retention.

Stretching the learning over time allows for key takeaways and habits to embed into everyday life.

Learning is right at your fingertips and can be applied directly to work and personal life

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